Pumpkin Patch Sight Words

I was recently sent a set of the newest BOB Books: Rhyming Words by the publisher. Not only did my early reader really enjoy reading and looking through the books, but we also had fun setting up an expansion activity to go with this set of BOB books: Pumpkin Patch Sight Words.

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Are you trying to teach your kid to read? Find out about the newest BOB Book and a fun activity, pumpkin patch sight words, to help kids learn to read.

For those who are unfamiliar with BOB Books, they are a popular phonetic reader published by Scholastic tailored for beginning readers. The books come in sets of 12 inside a small box and also typically include a parent help sheet and sometimes extra materials. My kindergartener loves these picture books because the sentences are short, the illustrations entertaining, and each book focuses on a limited number of sounds. Our first positive reading experience was using a BOB Book, and I highly recommend all and any books in the series for parents of children who are learning to read.

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About Bob Books: Rhyming Words

This particular set of BOB Books focuses on “rhyming words”. Even though my 5 year-old has just started learning to read, this set of books worked well with his school’s curriculum which emphasizes rhyming words from the beginning. The set has 12 books and covers the phonetic endings: -an, -am, -en, -ed, -ip, -in, -og, -ot, -uff, and -ug. Included with the set is a Parent Guide and a set of 40 rhyming word puzzle cards.

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pumpkin patch reading activity

Our Sight Word Pumpkin Patch

We chose the -in family to review using our pumpkin patch. Some of the rhyming words we practiced didn’t correspond with the book, since we were trying to cover the words my child is learning at school. This learning activity could be adapted for any set of sight words or any of of the BOB Books.

How to Make Egg Crate Pumpkins

My pumpkin patch was inspired by the Secret Message Pumpkins on Reading Confetti. Here’s how I made my pumpkins. (Reading Confetti has a slightly different process and pumpkin though so you may want to check out her’s as well.)

  • cut the egg crate apart
  • painted the egg holders bright orange (We used this Crayola paint).
  • poke a hole in the tops with a sharp pencil
  • Using small bits of green pipe cleaner, insert pipe cleaner, fold inside base to secure, and curl

egg crate pumpkins

How to Set Up Pumpkin Patch Sight Words

I used a piece of green felt for my pumpkin patch but a piece of paper would work just as well.

Write the sight words you are practicing on small squares of paper. Be sure the squares are small enough for the pumpkins to cover.Ā  I included the word “boo” too add a little fun to the game. It’s easy for a kid to recognize and every kid loves to shout “boo”.

Arrange the egg crate pumpkins on top of the words.

learning sight words through a pumpkin patch activity

Have your child “pick” the pumpkins and name the word.

I know that trying to read can be overwhelming for some children (like my own 5 year old). This activity can be simplified by “taking turns”. Or, you can also simplify by just asking your child to identify and sound out the first letter and then saying the rest of the word together.

What tricks do you have for practicing sight words with kids? You can check out some great ideas from my Facebook readers below:

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