Simple Jack-o’-Lantern Busy Bag

I love looking at all the creative felt board activities online. My kids love playing with the flannel graph board pieces at church, so I knew that a felt board at home would be an activity that they would enjoy. The thought of cutting out and making all those pieces though has always kept me from giving a homemade felt play set a try. But, then I had this idea of a fun Jack-o’-Lantern felt set that I couldn’t get out of my mind.

Somehow I accidentally mentioned to my 5 year-old my idea, and that sealed my fate. I was going to have to try to make a felt play set whether I liked it or not. Every day when my kid’s rest time ended he would say, “Mommy, did you make my pumpkin felt face yet?” “Um, no.”

So, I finally decided one day that I would give it a try, and making this pumpkin busy bag is so easy that it literally only took around 5 minutes to cut out the pieces. Both my kids (5 and 2) really enjoyed it, and my kindergartner even took the busy bag in for show and tell at school. I think that this will just be the first felt set that I make for my kids.

Simple DIY Jack-o’-Lantern Busy Bag

jack-o-lantern busy bagSupplies for the Jack-o’-Lantern Felt Set

  • 2 sheets of felt, orange and black
  • scissors
  • small bag for storing the pieces

How to Make the Jack-o’-Lantern Felt Set

1. Draw a pumpkin shape on the orange felt.

You can use this printable from my Jack-o-Lantern doodle sheets as a template, but I just drew mine freehand. It really wasn’t very difficult, and I thought the pumpkin looked great.

Jack O’ Lantern Doodle Sheet big pumpkin

felt for pumpkin

2. Cut out eyes, noses, mouths, and eyebrows.

Remember that Jack-o’-Lanterns are typically carved and part of their appeal is that they aren’t perfect. These eyes, noses, mouths, and eyebrows don’t have to be perfect, just start cutting out some triangles, squares, and circles. Have your kid cut out some too if they are old enough.

cutting out pieces for the face

That’s really it. Once you have your pumpkin face and eyes, noses, mouths, and eyebrows cut out, your kid can start playing by arranging and rearranging the pieces to make funny Jack-o’-Lantern faces. I love how quiet, imaginative, and fun this activity is. This felt play set is also small enough to easily fit into your purse for keeping kids busy while you are waiting somewhere.

making faces with the felt playDo you like easy busy bag ideas for entertaining the kids?

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