Eye’m Lookin’ At You Cookies {kid made}

These easy Halloween cookies are not only very cute, but so simple that my kids (ages 2 and 5) made them all by themselves. Even my toddler had a great time sticking the eyes on and even used the frosting some. I did have to watch her with the frosting though, since without supervision I’m sure she would have squirted out the entire tube of frosting likely in her hair or on her brother.

I decided to name our cookie creations “Eye’m Lookin’ At You Cookies” because, well, . . . you can probably figure it out from lookin’ at them.

These Halloween cookies are so easy that the kids can make them!

The Easiest Halloween Cookies Ever

What You Need for Eye’m Lookin’ At You Cookies

  • small tube(s) of decorating icing (the gel kind works good)
  • candy eyes (also called icing eyes)
  • duplex sandwich creme cookies which I indiscriminately call “Oreos” even though I bought a store-brand

I bought all my supplies at ALDI (I’m a huge ALDI fan), but you could likely find similar supplies at other stores. If you are making these cookies at another time of year, you can still order candy eyes from suppliers like Amazon (affiliate link): candy eyes on Amazon

supplies for halloween cookiesOur eyes came in a pack with some “bloody bones”. We skipped the bones as that looked a little too gruesome for the church reception that we were planning on taking our cookies too.

How to Make Eye’m Lookin’ At You Cookies

Just use the icing to “glue” the eyeballs onto your cookies. Two eyes, one eye, five eyes – it’s all good. Just make sure that you buy a double pack of eyes if you’re planning on letting the kids create a bunch of multi-eyed monsters. We balanced our multi-eyed monsters out with several Cyclops.

kids making halloween cookies

I think that the Halloween cookies are pretty cute just as is, but I let my kids draw mouths and such on the cookies too with the icing. The mouths added a fun, creative twist.

eyem lookin at you cookies with mouths

Our Eye’m Lookin’ At You Cookies in Action

I was a little worried that our Halloween cookies were too silly for the church reception that we were attending. But, they were a big hit. My kids were so proud of their creations, and eagerly showed the cookies to all of their friends. And I heard several of the kids in line for food asking for “eyeball cookies”. These cookies definitely will be a fall tradition for us.

halloween cookies on plateI also think that they would make a great “special treat” for school if your school allows you to send snacks that aren’t prepackaged still. They are so easy and quick to make, but still have a fun, homemade twist (without the work and clean-up!)

Eye'm Lookin at You Cookies

Considering that it only took 10 minutes to make our Halloween cookies, I consider them a great success! Plus, we had no dishes to wash other than the platter the cookies were served on. What more could you want?

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  1. Sheila says

    these are adorable! easy, fun idea to do on a cold fall day inside and keep the kiddo’s busy..thank you for sharing!

  2. Jenny Lloyd says

    these are adorable and easy. i could SO do this and i am not that crafty. i think i have found the treats to take for my boys halloween party

  3. Jean says

    Such a cute and simple idea! I actually have some candy eyes already. Just need to get some cookies and icing and my girls will be in edible craft heaven!

  4. Victoria Cortinas says

    What a great, and cute idea. I love it! I have two packs of Oreos in the pantry that I am sure would love some new eyes, LOL.

  5. Sheila Thabet says

    What a great idea. I work as a full time nanny for a family with toddlers and preschoolers. We will be doing this next week. Thanks!

  6. Tanya White says

    Such a cute idea! I love oreos and alays keep them on hand, the kids would love to make these thanks for sharing!

  7. md kennedy says

    These are adorable and so easy. A perfect last-minute fun-time activity for my nieces and nephews when they visit tomorrow.

  8. says

    These are so cute and easy to make! I just wanted to let you know that I have a kids activities submission site (Simply Creative Kids) and I am linking to this post if you don’t mind. You are welcome to submit your projects to my site if you’d like.

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