Secret Tips for the Perfect Smoothie {by StickFiggy}

With school starting up again, I know that I’m looking for both simple after-school snack ideas and fun ways to incorporate learning into our day. So, when Jane Marshall offered to let me have a peak at her newest book StickFiggy Makes a Snack, I knew that we would have to check it out. Not only is the book awful cute, but Jane Marshall’s Strawberry Banana Smoothie recipe is out of this world.

Today, I’ll be sharing both Stickfiggy’s secret recipe with you while sneaking in some cute excerpts from Stickfiggy Makes a Snack. Maybe you better go grab a snack before reading this post. This smoothie is going to make you hungry.

secret tips for an amazing smoothie: this would make a great after-school snack

A little bit about StickFiggy

We discovered StickFiggy last summer (2012) during the Memetales Readathon. If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably remember the 6 week series of posts that I wrote of activities featuring different books on Memetales, including a pipe-cleaner StickFiggy.

During the Readathon, I noticed that my kids gravitated towards the StickFiggy books and asked to read them over and over again. I can understand why my kids enjoyed StickFiggy. Jane Marshall’s drawings are expressive but yet simple, and her writing entertaining.

You can purchase StickFiggy books inexpensively through the free Memetales app. My kids personally loved the Memetales app. What kid wouldn’t like reading on an app that cheers each time a book is finished?

Find links to the Memetales apps and Stickfiggy books on

Learn more about StickFiggy on StickFiggy’s website.

Stickfiggy Makes a Snack

In Stickfiggy Makes a Snack, StickFiggy’s stomach starts rumbling right around 3 pm – SNACK TIME. So, StickFiggy gets out a cookbook, chef’s hat, and whips together a delicious strawberry banana smoothie. Not, only is the book adorably cute, but it naturally leads into a fun family activity of making a smoothie together.

StickFiggy Makes a Snack

Making a smoothie with your children is much more than a snack. While we made our smoothie, we practiced counting, measuring, and simple cooking skills. Plus, we read a book! And, we finished off with a delicious breakfast treat: strawberry banana smoothies!

See StickFiggy Makes a Snack on Memetales.

StickFiggy’s Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

You can try out StickFiggy’s recipe, as well as Jane Marshall’s secret tips for an incredible smoothie in this free printable:

And, my entire family agreed that the smoothie was delicious! Are you ready for StickFiggy’s top-secret smoothie recipe?

Stickfiggy’s Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients (makes 2-3 servings)

  • Strawberries (4-10): We went with 10, because we LOVE strawberries. I asked my kindergartener to count them to sneak in a little practice counting.
  • One banana (we froze our banana like Jane Marshall’s secret tips suggested)
  • A big scoop of yogurt (we used Greek yogurt)
  • One lime
  • A cup of orange juice
  • Four ice cubes
  • optional: 1/2 tsp vanilla, can substitute seeds from a vanilla bean or a non-alcoholic variety (one of Jane Marshall’s secret tips!)
  • optional: stevia or some other type of sweetener (we did not sweeten ours and it was great!)

ingredients for a strawberry banana smoothie

How to Make StickFiggy’s Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Safety first. Be sure to adapt these directions to fit the ages and abilities of your kids.

  1. Cut off the tops of the strawberries. Place the strawberries in the blender. – I let my kindergartener cut the strawberries with a dull table knife. We talked about how to cut safely while slicing the strawberries. But, doesn’t the below photo look like he’s about to cut his finger off? Obviously, we need to practice a little bit more on knife safety.
  2. preparing berries for a strawberry banana smoothieSlice the banana and place in the blender – Since we used a frozen banana, I cut it with a sharp knife. Judging from our earlier experience, I thought we better wait on introducing sharp kitchen utensils, maybe until college. (P.S. The following sample page from the book is my favorite page. Isn’t it funny?)
  3. stickfiggy slices a bananaAdd a big scoop of yogurt.
  4. stickfiggy puts in the yogurtHave an adult cut the lime in half and let the kid squeeze the juice from both halves into the blender.
  5. Add 4 ice cubes.
  6. stick figgy gets ice from the freezerAdd a cup of orange juice. This is a great chance to practice measuring skills.
  7. stickfiggy pours orange juiceAdd 1/4 – 1/2 tsp vanilla (or substitute vanilla yogurt) – optional. Jane’s right that the vanilla + lime combo is really quite delicious!
  8. Blend together until the ice stops crackling.

Mom Confession: I was lazy and didn’t want to pull out my big blender, so I used the immersion blender. My kids thought it was pretty exciting watch me chase the ice cubes around trying to blend them, but I can’t say that it was very successful. In fact, I ended up spooning out the ice and dumping it in the sink when no one was watching. Don’t tell.

Enjoy! Makes around 2-3 Strawberry Banana Smoothies.

secret tips for making an incredible strawberry banana smoothie: this recipe is so easy & delicious!

Click here to download a strawberry banana smoothie recipe free printable created by Jane Marshall

This Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe really is wonderful! Thanks StickFiggy for inspiring us to make such a great, healthy snack.

You can keep up with the newest updates on StickFiggy on Facebook (you might even find some fun free printables there!)

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