Summer Library Challenge for Kids: Fiction

This week officially kicks off the Great Summer Library Challenge with a set of fun fiction book themed challenges for your kids at the library! I hope that last week, you had a chance to complete the preview challenge of heading with your kids to the library and signing up for the summer reading program. If you are new, don’t forget to read last week’s introductory post that will explain more about The Great Summer Library Challenge hosted by me at No Twiddle Twaddle and Erica at What Do We Do All Day?.

Get your kids at the library and involved in summer reading by joining The Great Summer Library Challenge hosted by No Twiddle Twaddle and What Do We Do All Day?

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Why Explore the Fiction Section?

I remember as a kid wandering around the library section and often just checking out the same books that I had read before rather than finding new books. And, now as a mom, I’m tempted to do the same, after all why risk a new book that the kids won’t like when I can find a book from my childhood that I know is great.

After all, I’m sure everyone has picked up a book or two for the kids at the library that has disappointed. And, sometimes it’s easier to stick with the old favorites or just random selection than carefully picking out new books to read.

These library challenges are designed to not only encourage your kids to learn about the fiction section of your library, but also to learn some tricks for finding new awesome books on every trip.

Are you ready? Pick out a challenge or two and give it a try!

have fun with your kids at the library this summer with The Great Library Challenge

Library Challenge #1 – Utilize your librarian’s recommendations

Find the display section for fiction books, and check out several books that are new to you that the librarians have placed there.

Advanced Library Challenge #1

Talk to your children’s librarian and ask what new fiction picture books or children’s novels have recently arrived at the library that the librarian would recommend. Reserve or check out some of those books.

Library Challenge #2: Find a Popular Book (join The Great Summer Library Challenge to learn all about the library with your kids this summer!)

Library Challenge #2 – Find a popular book

Browse your library fiction shelves until you find sets of books that have at least two to three copies of the same book on the shelf. Check out one of the books from several of the sets. (Be sure to look for books that you have not read yet.)

In the above illustration, you can see that my local library has five copies of Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins on the shelf, a sure indicator that this book is in high demand and worth reading. (Which by the way, Rosie’s Walk is a slap-stick classic that kids of all ages love. I actually had never read it myself until I learned that it was one of Carolyn at The Pleasantest Thing‘s favorite picture books.)

Advanced Library Challenges #2

Find several books on the Caldecott Medal or Newberry Awards list that you have never read, and reserve or check them out at the library.

Check out Kirkus Reviews top children’s books from last year. Find a couple of the books in your library’s catalog and check them out.

Library Challenge #3: Find a popular author (join The Great Summer Library Challenge to learn all about the library with your kids this summer!)

Library Challenge #3 – Discover a popular author

Scan your library fiction shelves and look for multiple books by the same author. Look for an author that you either have never read or have only read a couple books from and check out several new books by that author.

As you can see above, Lois Ehlert’s books fill almost an entire shelf!

Advanced Library Challenges #3

Pick several authors that you have read books from recently and use the library shelves or catalog to discover books that you have not read by that author. Check out or reserve several of those books.

Pick a favorite author and search online for a blog, Twitter account, or Facebook page. Don’t be shy. Leave a message! Or, go old school and write a letter and mail it!

Library Challenges #4 – #6

These three challenges are only half of the challenges that will teach you and your kids about the fiction section of your library.

Be sure to stop by What Do We Do All Day? to find the next three challenges for kids at the library. Remember that you don’t need to do every challenge, just pick what you want and do the challenges at your own pace.

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  1. Becky says

    I also goggle required reading list for my older daughter. Last summer, I would not allow her to read the same book more than once so we had to come up with a big list of books! We found several new wonderful books from the summer required list of school from across the country.

    • says

      That’s a great idea, Becky! I’m not sure whether you follow, What Do We Do All Day? who is hosting this challenge with me, but she also some really great book lists for kids.

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