The Great Summer Library Challenge for Kids

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when trying to find books for your kids at the library? Or maybe you always end up with a familiar stack of favorite authors or classic books? I am excited to share that this summer Erica from What Do We Do All Day? and I will be teaming up to bring you the Great Summer Library Challenge a three month set of library challenges to help you enjoy summer reading with your kids by exploring your local library.

Get your kids involved in summer reading by joining The Great Summer Library Challenge hosted by No Twiddle Twaddle and What Do We Do All Day?

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We will be teaching you tricks for quickly being able to locate the best children’s books and helping you find new authors and types of books. If you are already library savvy, we also will be sharing advanced library challenges to keep you on your toes.

summer library challenge: The Greenville Library kids' section

So, are you ready to join us on a tour of your local library? The first preview library challenge is simple.

Preview Library Challenge #1

Head to your library and find out what the summer reading program is and sign up.

Many summer reading programs not only get kids reading but also include quality programs for the kids. In fact, my local Greenville SC summer reading program kicks off today with a performance of the award-winning Salsa Cinderella.

You don’t have to sign anything to participate in The Great Summer Library Challenge. Just subscribe via email address at the bottom to get my post next week with the first set of library challenges which will get you enjoying summer reading in the fiction section. If you do participate, you are always welcome to share your progress or discoveries on my Facebook page or in this comment thread.

My Library – Hughes Main Library in Greenville, SC

As part of introducing this series,  I thought it would be fun to tell you about my library in Greenville, SC and the wonderful resources that it contains. Erica and I both live in very different parts of the USA. Erica lives in NYC and visits one of the largest libraries in the US, while I live in a growing center of culture in the south Greenville, SC.

I’ve lived in Greenville for almost my entire life, and remember when the children’s section of the Greenville library was contained in one rather small room. The library itself was dark and out-dated.

The Greenville SC Library

In my early adult years, our Greenville Main Library was completely moved to a new building with window paneled walls. The children’s section is full of wonderful resources, and large rooms are available for library programs. I still feel a sense of fascination when I visit our library. The transformation is amazing.

Some of the fabulous things that you will see if you visit the Greenville SC library’s children section:

  • Miniature castles, with small knights and princesses that can be checked out at the librarian’s station

summer library challenge: miniature castle at the Greenville library

  • Hands On interactive cubes for toddlers and preschoolers
  • Resource tubs for parents to check out on topics ranging from holidays to learning how to read
  • A 24,000 piece puzzle spanning the wall

summer library challenge: giant puzzle on the wall at the Greenville library

  • Lego bins
  • Computer stations with learning games

summer library challenge: the computer stations

  • A book stack for measuring growth
  • A PAL Center complete with a play kitchen, puppets & puppet theatre, blocks, and wooden cars

summer library challenge: the pal center

  • Several look and finds, including a doll house
  • A kid size book drop for play
  • Some very nice librarians
  • Stacks and stacks of high quality books (I almost always find any book that is popular is already available or on order).

Beyond these resources, our Greenville library runs a complete set of regular programs for all ages of kids, ranging from special story times for babies to hands-on learning activities for teens. And, our library has a schedule full of high-quality educational special events, all free to the public.

Don’t forget to stop by What Do We Do All Day? to find out a little bit about why Erica loves her local library system in NYC – I can hardly imagine what it must be like to choose between 200 branches!

Can you tell that I’m a little proud of my Greenville library? I would love to hear now about your local library and what you love about it!

Explore the Fiction Section with your kids at the library (Challenges 1 -3)

Explore the Fiction Section with your kids at the library (Challenges 4 – 6)

Explore the Non-Fiction Section with your kids at the library (Challenges 1 – 3)

Explore the Non-Fiction Section with your kids at the library (Challenges 4 – 6)

Explore the Non-Book Resources with your kids at the library (Challenges 1 – 2)

Explore the Non-Book Resources with your kids at the library (Challenges 3 – 4)

Don’t forget to subscribe via email to get the first set of library challenges! Let’s get this summer reading going!

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  1. says

    We are regulars at our library – read about it here! (
    We are definitely planning on participating in our libraries story time – in fact, we also visit a local church library weekly, and they are doing a reading program as well, so we will be doing both this summer! I plan on using the R.P. this year to also help teach my kiddos how to write a book report – they can enjoy writing a little about each book they read, and I can be sure that they are understanding what they are reading. I plan on keeping all their reports (they are going to do a fairly simple one for EACH book they read, although I won’t require it for both R.P.’s – only the one for our main library – they would be doing 50 reports if I tried to have them record reports for both programs!) in a binder, and hope to continue this all the way through their senior year in high school, to be able to look back and see what they were interested in, and what they were reading from year to year, and see their growth in their language, writing, and comprehension of reading! :) So that is our plans for this summer! I am looking forward to following this library challenge and taking part in it.
    Amy @ No Greater Honors recently posted…School’s Out For The Summer!!!!!My Profile

  2. says

    Hey! Thanks for sharing -we live about an hour south of Greenville and have our own library, but it looks like your Greenville library has some great summer activities.

  3. says

    Always up for a challenge. Looking forward to see what more I can learn from our library. I’ve volunteered in the children’s room many years and up until the last few years did most of the bulletin board design that introduced the summer program. There’s always something new to learn.
    Country Fun recently posted…Shelling Beans……… A Sensory ExperienceMy Profile

  4. Emma King says

    Thanks for promoting the GCLS!! I’ve worked in the Children’s Area for 6 years. We love the smiling faces of all the little ones. Let us know if we can be of assistance.

    Emma King

  5. Kim says

    I was born and raised in Greenville, and I LOVED the old library. I don’t even go in the new one. It’s too shiny and doesn’t smell right, like the basement of the old one did. :)

    I miss those stairs that curve up around the brick wall that leads to the second floor, where my mom always was. I miss sitting on the vinyl seat cushions that were on benches arranged around the giant globe. I miss knowing I was a big girl because I could travel up and down those stairs, from the kids’ room to the big people area, all by myself.

    When the new one was built, I had great hopes for it, as I keep a card for Greenville and Spartanburg counties (I live just north in Rutherford County, NC). But I was sadly disappointed in the new library. It’s too shiny and new. It has no character. Poor old library.

    • says

      Yes, there are things to miss about the old library. I remember sitting and looking at the globe before too. But, the kids’ area is so nice in the new library. They have so many great resources and room to run around. I’m sure that the character aspect will develop over time!

  6. Rose-Anne Schmidt says

    I too live in Greenville and just discovered your blog! We love the library here and go all the time. The programs are amazing and we are already signed up (all 3 of my kids) for the summer reading program!

    • says

      That is great Rose-Anne. Maybe we will run into each other sometime! I’m the crazy lady on Saturday who comes and fills a whole laundry basket with books. lol : ) Have you seen this Kazoo act that’s starting soon? It looks like a ton of fun!


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