Glittery Ball Bottles: Easy Activity for Preschoolers

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Glittery Ball Bottles are one of my favorite sensory bottle activities for preschoolers. These sensory bottles are inexpensive using only water beads, recycled water bottles, water, and glitter.Also, they allow a preschooler to play with water beads in a safer, less messy way than typical water bead sensory play. Plus, Glittery Ball Bottles have a brilliant, bouncy sparkle that will fascinate children.

Waterbead and glitter sensory bottles

Supplies for Glittery Ball Bottles:

  • Water beads
  • Tinsel glitter (Here is an example on Amazon, though any brand will work.)
  • Empty clean water bottles
  • Water

To make Glittery Ball Bottles, you must first prepare water beads by soaking them in water according to package directions. If you are unfamiliar with water beads, they are small beads that expand when saturated with water. You can typically find them in the craft section of a store near the floral department. Water beads are also sold on online sites such as Amazon (see water beads on Amazon now).

Note: Water beads are a choking hazard and can be dangerous if ingested. This activity should be done with parental supervision.

Waterbead and glitter sensory bottles

How to Make Glittery Ball Bottles

Drop the water beads into the plastic bottles. I let my preschooler do it outside, in order to minimize mess and risk of losing a water bead in the house where my toddler would find it.We filled the bottles about one-third full of water beads.

Water bead and glitter sensory bottles

Dump a good bit of glitter into the plastic bottle on top of the water beads.

Glitter and water bead sensory bottles

Add just a small bit of water to keep the glitter from clumping to the sides, but not so much that the water beads blend into the water.

Screw the lid back on tightly. You may want to glue the lid on with permanent glue to ensure that the water beads stay inside the bottle. Hot gluing typically works well for a short period of time, though the glue does loosen after a while.

glitter and water bead sensory bottles

Shake and enjoy. Glitter Ball Bottles are great for festive occasions!


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~Bethany, +No Twiddle Twaddle 

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      My kids are pretty hyper, so it takes a lot to calm them. But, I thought that the bottles had a calm feel to them. The balls do bounce about a lot so they aren’t quiet but the glitter is soothing and pretty to look at.

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