Four Seasons Sensory Bottles

Earlier this week, I posted my Four Seasons Sensory Bin based on Kevin Henkes book Old Bear. Today, I would like to share my extension activity to the sensory bin, Four Seasons Sensory Bottles.
picture book activity
In Old Bear, a bear hibernates for the winter and dreams that he is young again. His dream takes him on a colorful journey through the seasons full of poetic imagery such as a summer storm of blueberries and a rainbow starred sky overshadowing snow in the winter. When the bear wakes up, he rubs his eyes thinking that maybe he is still dreaming in the real beauty of spring. Henkes’ colorful, imaginative illustrations fit beautifully with his vivid text. (If you don’t already own this book, HarperCollins is giving a copy to one lucky reader of my blog so be sure to enter!)

After making my sensory bin, I struggled trying to figure out what to do with the materials I used. I really didn’t want to dump all that work into one bag, but I knew that trying to keep four season separate was about as futile as trying to have different colors of play dough in our home. Finally, I had an idea . . . sensory bottles. (If you have seen my Fireworks in a Bottle craft, you already know that we love making sensory bottles.) So, while the baby was sleeping one morning, I let my preschooler make the bottles himself with a funnel, the four bins, and four empty clean plastic bottles.
picture book activity

Making the bottles was a great chance to work on his fine-motor skills (using the funnel and dumping the rice) and his ability to concentrate on a task (keeping all four seasons separate in their own bottles). While we filled the bottles, we talked about the different seasons of the year and all the great memories we have from each one.

In case you are wondering, no, we did not use real blueberries in the sensory bottles. I had bought a cute blue beaded necklace inexpensively for myself that I donated to the cause. {sigh}

Note: We did not add water to these sensory bottles, and with the rice they make a nice rattle sound. If your kids are young, I would recommended hot gluing the tops on and checking them routinely to be sure lids are still secure.
If you love Kevin Henkes, you might want to stop by the Virtual Book Club Blog Hop and see all the Henkes’ themed activities that have been linked up. The link-up will be up for a couple weeks more, so if you blog you still have time to post and link-up your own Henkes’ themed activities.
Do you like making sensory bottles?


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    The sensory bottles representing the seasons is a great idea. Please stop by and link this (and any other arts, crafts and play posts) to Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3. The linky is currently open. I hope to see you there.

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