15 Ways to Celebrate Christ at Easter with Children

With Ben almost four, I have enjoyed reading him Easter books and enjoying all sorts of Easter themed activities this year. Now though as we enter the week before Easter, I want to make sure that we spend extra time focusing on Christ and the Christian meaning of Easter.  While searching for ideas for us, I came across these fifteen ideas for celebrating Christ at Easter with children. I thought that you would enjoy them too!

  1. Make a Grace Garden (via A Holy Experience)
  2. Bake Resurrection Cookies (via Toddler Activities at Home)
  3. Color, cut, and put back together an Easter puzzle (free printable via Christian Preschool Printables)
  4. Have a special symbolic celebration each day with this wonderful list of ideas from Focus on the Family (via The Thriving Family) Some of my favorite ideas include: baking bread to symbolize Christ and then giving it in an Easter basket to someone in need and making an Easter picture tree.
  5. Make “Resurrection Rolls” (via Women Living Well Ministries)
  6. Read one of these classic short stories (via Apples 4 Teachers)
  7. Put together Resurrection eggs – plastic eggs that contain symbolic items to represent parts of the Easter story (via Creative Bible Story)
  8. Bake a Resurrection cake using a bundt pan (via Amy’s Free Ideas)
  9. Create and let your children play with a felt Easter banner with removable pieces (via Heart FELT Truths)
  10. Print out small copies of these “He Lives” Butterfly printables (via Stay-at-Home Artist).  Have your children write out how the Resurrection has changed the world on them and display.
  11. Sing an Easter hymn together each night before bed (our favorite: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today)
  12. Read some Easter themed books or just simply read the Easter story from the Bible
  13. Take your children on an Easter walk. Talk about how the new life of spring points to the Resurrection. Look for nature that reminds you of Christ (for example: a tree – the cross, a rock – the tomb).
  14. Place a plastic bag of symbolic objects in your child’s Easter basket that will point to Christ (via A Mom’s Love)
  15. Take your children to any special Easter services that you are able to. Get up a little early on Easter morning to make time to have a family breakfast where you can talk about Christ before church. 

How does your family celebrate Christ at Easter with your children?

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