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dinosaur activity

Our Top 5 Dinosaur Activities

This past week we roared along as we learned about the dinosaurs. One day was given to dinosaurs in our social studies curriculum (Sonlight Core A), but that simply wasn’t enough. Dinosaurs are way too much fun for just one day. Here are our 5 Top Dinosaur Activities that we used to learn more about […]

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The Perfect Activity Books for Traveling

Last week my family traveled to Minnesota to watch my husband graduate after over 6 years of hard work on his PhD. After years of watching him fly off to school, we couldn’t wait to all travel together to celebrate his accomplishment. BUT, I admit I was a little nervous. We had never taken the […]

tips for homeschoolers just starting out

Homeschooling Supplies List

Are you starting to homeschool? I was last year and I know that it was a little overwhelming trying to decide what items to purchase and what not to purchase. Here are the supplies for homeschooling that I found that I use and needed for our year. Since my kids are small (4 and 6) this […]

tips for homeschoolers just starting out

10 Tips for Starting to Homeschool

We did it. Back last May, when we decided to pull our oldest out of traditional school and start homeschooling (you can read why here), I was pretty nervous. After all, I work from the home running not just this blog but another much large local website and I have a preschooler in tow who […]


Painting Color Wheels

We studied rainbows in science last weeks (you can see our fun experiment here), so I decided that painting a color wheel would be the perfect art expansion. It’s easy, fun, and a basic art lesson that the kids can use for life. Knowing which colors are primary and which are secondary is an important art […]

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How to Make a Real Rainbow

As part of our recent weather unit, we headed outside to try our luck at making a real rainbow. My kids loved this simple activity, and I think that it helped my kids understand how rainbows form and why. Here’s how you can make a real rainbow too: Supplies for Making a Rainbow: Mirror Glass […]